Top Cities To Visit In The UK

Road Trips or City Hopping is one of the best activities to do during summer aside from Theme Park visit. Exploring and discovering more of the UK should be on your list.

The richness of each city’s culture, the magnificent architecture and meeting new people.

Top Cities To Visit In The UK

Get to see more of the UK and learn what cities you should visit in the UK on your next road trip getaway.


This is obviously the top ranked city in the United Kingdom. Popular for tourists and locals, London is undoubtedly the most famous city in the UK.

One of the oldest cities in the world, there are lots to discover in this city with the reliable and convenient Coach or Minibus Hire in the UK.

There are so many reasons why you should visit London and one of them is the live theatre. If you’re into this kind of thing, you should visit the West End show in Theatreland.

Another reason is its architecture, unquestionably one of the finest. Their shopping malls are amazing, no matter what style you’ve got you’ll find an item for you.

Big sporting events is another solid reason to visit London. London is the home of the premier league sides such as football in Wembley stadium, cricket at Lords, and lawn tennis at Wimbledon.


When it comes to festivals, Edinburgh is the top city you should visit. And this is probably the main reason why this city is a must visit. They have plenty of lively and crazy festivals.

The second one is the iconic Edinburgh Castle. You will surely be amazed with its architecture and the history behind it.

Edinburgh probably has the finest pieces of architecture which is revealed in different parts of the city such as the views at Calton Hill, The Royal Mile, St Gilles Cathedral, Holyrood Park, and the dormant volcano, Arthur’s seat to mention a few.


Next on our list is York City. Due to its rich history and gothic architecture, York is definitely one of the cities worth exploring.

First reason why you must pay a visit to York is the York Minster. The amazing part of this is you can have a view of the city from the top of the 275 steps that climb up York Minster’s Central Tower. The Gothic structure of the Minster is really fascinating and jaw dropping.

Another reason why you should visit York is the art galleries. There are a lot of independent art galleries scattered within the city. So if you’re into art, this is your paradise.

Learn more about the city’s history at Jorvik Viking Centre. This has been one of the famous tourist attractions in York. There is an interactive exhibition showing how life had been during the medieval times.


With its Gregorian architecture no question why this was dubbed as the UK's most beautiful city. To be considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city offers a lot that you would expect.

The well preserved Roman Bath is quite impressive. You will be amazed with the ancient historic sites of Europe. With a guided tour, you will appreciate the story behind the city.

Enjoy a warm bath like the Romans at the Thermae Day Spa. You may not be able to take a dip at the original site where the Romans did but this spa serves as a good imitation of that.

You will still enjoy it like the Romans did because the water came from the only natural thermal spring in the country.


The home to a famous football club in the world and is known as the most vibrant city in England. Manchester is a must city to be included on your list.

Manchester is known for its creativity and having that hipster vibe. The Northern Quarter is a famous place where you can see the colorful street arts and lively pubs with people ready to party.

If you’re a foodie, you will never regret visiting this place because this is a food haven. The choices are just endless, from Asian like Indian or Chinese to Western like Italian cuisine. Lots of street foods to try and a perfect chance to explore other cultures in the world.

For nature lovers, Manchester has something for you. This city is also famous for its magnificent beauty of its natural resources. Situated in such a way where you get to appreciate and fall in love with mother nature.

We have listed down the top 5 cities to visit but the UK is a huge place and there are many other beautiful cities worth visiting like Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton, Oxford just to mention a few.

The United Kingdom is rich in culture because of the other different cultures who have contributed to its diversity. Aside from the ancient Roman culture, UK’s culture has evolved embracing variety which makes it more interesting and beautiful.