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How Can We Help You?

This page will help you find assistance and information about TraPar and its site.

Getting Started

Please Follow these guides to get started with your TraPar system

  1. Need help setting up your system?

    Our team can help configure your system and get things ready to launch. We have made sure you have the tools to setup and manage your TraPar system, but we understand you might lack the time or prefer someone to complete this setup for you.

    Our experienced team is happy to collect all the required information and configure your desired system in an optimal way. We will take care of everything from setting up your vehicles and pricing, to payment options, emails etc.

  2. Receiving support and assistance

    We provide assistance in various way:

    • Help centre articles​

      Right here on our helpdesk are a collection of articles covering the most frequently asked questions about TraPar. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us via Email, using Live Chat, or through phone support.

    • Live Chat

      You will find the circle chat icon here at the help centre, on our main website and within your TraPar system. Help is only a click away! and when possible we respond to requests right away. At times it may be a few hours until someone gets back to you - please leave as much information as possible to enable us to understand and respond effectively.

    • Email Support

      If you prefer to communicate by email, ​[email protected]​ is tied into our live chat and you can respond through whichever channel you prefer.

    • Phone Support​

      Everyone is eligible for phone support, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

  3. Going live on my website

    Well done! you are nearly ready to start giving your customers an easy way to request quotes directly from you.

    How you proceed now depends on how your website is built. Your web developer will be able to add this into your site, or let us know if you need any assistance.

  4. Does TraPar work on Mac/Linux/Other?

    Yes! TraPar will work on any computer, tablet or device with a web browser and an internet connection. We recommend using a modern web browser that supports HTML5 for the best experience. Chrome is recommended, but it will work equally well on firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Opera etc.

Frequently asked questions

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