Evolution Of Coach And Minibus Hire In The UK

Nowadays, tourism could not grow without the contribution of transportation. It can be through Airlines, maritime transport and most especially car rentals. It is not a surprise that car rentals are expanding both in demand and popularity due to its many benefits.

One that really stands out among all the car rental companies in the UK is the minibus.

Why the Minibus?

The minibus hire has a lot of advantages compared to other rental transportation. It offers more convenience and flexibility especially to people travelling in groups because they can create their customized routes depending on their liking. Not to mention that it also values the comfort of their customers as the minibuses have spacious room for both passenger seats and legroom making it perfect for longer road trips.

The best part of renting a minibus is it helps the environment! It contributes a massive drop to carbon emissions which is the primary cause of global warming. When people use more minibuses than driving their own private cars, there will be a huge change for the environment. Before it became a revolutionary rental car, let’s talk about how it became an accidental business idea.

Why & How it Started

It isn’t a surprise that rental cars existed over decades ago. In fact, it was believed to be dated back in 1916 when Joe Saunders decided to lend off his Ford Model T to his business prospects. Through that experience, he realized the lucrative side of car rentals and started investing more cars for rent. By 1925, his independent car rental company expanded to 21 states.

Competitors, like Walter L. Jacobs, caught on to this idea quickly. Thus, he became his main rival for this business. Since then, multiple companies followed suit, making it one of the most competitive markets during its time.

During World War II, there was a huge growth of the nation’s rail system which helped a lot with the demand of rental cars across the country. Statistics have shown since with the assistance of the rail system, the rental cars growth rates are on par with airlines. As more people needed air transportation, so did the need of the rental cars. And it kept booming throughout 1946 to 1970s.

The Rise of the Minibus

Over the years after World War II, the competition became tougher for independent car rental companies.They made a decision for a change. A change that means more innovation to provide more efficiency for the customers and for the environment. That’s how minibus hire came to the picture.

Before there was a rental minibus, there used to be minivans but they were not as popular as the private cars since there were only about nine being produced at that time. Back then, minivans were too “radical” and went on a hiatus over a long period of time.

The Cost Benefits

Now, minivans or more particularly, minibuses have become more convenient to people, especially during long rides. Thus, it gradually becomes more popular than other rental transportation in the UK. From 93,000 registered buses in 2012, a steady growth is to be expected in this industry after people have seen around 6,000 minibuses sold every year since 2008.

It brings a huge benefit to its tourism as according to research firm Frost and Sullivan, the number of people using car rentals is expected to increase almost three times around 6 million in 2017 to 18 million by 2025.

One vehicle rental company has provided details that minibuses make up to 6% of their total fleet and that there are approximately 250,000 vehicles in their fleets as a whole.

The minibus now in recent years, has been evolving. With the growth of self-drive minibuses, there will be more growth towards customer service and network of locations. Despite its demands, minibuses remain affordable. There are many minibuses online where people can choose, compare the prices. The prices as of 2019 are roughly between £78 to £98 per hour, depending on per mile.

With all things said, rental car companies thought of something that is less-expensive, less-consumable to carbon emissions and less-hassle to everyone’s convenience. Everything they have done just so to ensure customer satisfaction. People can’t really go wrong with renting minibus hires.

The city aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. Its Low Emission Zone (LEZ) restricts cars that fail to meet the standards. They are encouraging recycling, community gardens, and lowering carbon emissions by collectively travelling in coaches or minibus.

This is how they started the minibus hire in the UK and hopefully in the future, this change will be a revolutionary change to a lot of countries.