Why Using A Coach And Minibus Hire Is Helping Reduce CO2

The latest report on the UK's CO2 emissions were estimated to be 361 metric tons in 2018. This analysis was made by the UK's Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

According to BEIS, the UK's carbon emission has been falling for six consecutive years. However, last year’s reduction was only about 1.5% and was the smallest drop for the last six years.

This just means that despite the record of the UK's falling CO2 emissions, we should not be complacent of finding more ways and methods on how we could contribute to a cleaner air.

Effects Of High Carbon Emissions

We all know that high carbon emissions contribute to climate change. CO2 blocks the solar energy in the atmosphere resulting in the rise of global temperature.

This phenomenon alters the weather pattern which eventually leads to more complicated consequences like changing the seasons of food growth and other uncontrollable effects.

CO2.com has the monthly and daily global CO2 emissions record. It was recorded that last month’s global CO2 emissions was around 414.83 ppm , which is higher than last year on the same month’s emission.

These numbers indicate that we have a lot of work to do to make our planet more livable.

Why Using A Coach And Minibus Hire Is Helping Reduce CO2

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the UK’s new car’s average carbon emission was around 121.04g/km. The SMMT said that this is the first year that the figure has risen since records began.

The statistics won’t lie and this is a warning for us to be more responsible with the choices and actions we make. .

In 2017, Office for National Statistics’s reports that there were 27.2 million households in the UK and 19 million families. Imagine if each family has their own car, carbon emission will unimaginably rise. .

Another legit source, the American Union of Concerned Scientists said that your carbon footprint is the smallest of all transport modes when traveling by bus.

With that being said, it is a smart move to encourage everyone to use Coaches or Minibuses and take part in making our planet greener.

Without going into calculations, you can just easily imagine the drop of carbon emission will be significant when everyone will collectively travel using Coaches or Minibuses.

Knowing these information should convince people to do their part and choose to travel by Coach instead. A 30 seater Coach can replace 30 cars and that’s a huge action in reducing the carbon footprint.

And not only that, traveling by Coach or Minibus is way more cheaper than driving your own car. No maintenance budget and no insurance fee means less hassle.

So what now? Are you just going to listen and do nothing? If this will be a way to preserve our planet and let the next generation live a beautiful place, why wouldn’t you do it?